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We offer businesses a digital platform to manage their revenue collections, pay bills and get visa cards and apply for import/export loans.

Digital products for all your banking needs

Grow your business with Javolin. We help you complete your financial transactions with ease. Alleviate all the bureaucratic traditional banking processes by using Javolin for your business.



Javolin allows businesses to apply and secure business loans for their operations. Use Javolin to apply, secure, and manage your loan payment with ease.


Digital Payment & Remittances

Javolin allows businesses to make digital payments to suppliers and employees across borders from our platforms. Businesses can track the inflow and outflow of money from their wallet using a simplified dashboard with supportive analytic components.


Foreign exchange services

Exchange money from one currency to another on Javolin. For example, you can swap your Ghana Cedis for US dollars and vice versa using Javolin.


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