About Us

Assisting Governments with
optimizing revenue

Javolin provides government institutions the digital platform to positively transform the way they collect revenues and make payment.

Digital infrastructure for governments

Our platform facilitates collections in all revenue areas and provides supportive analytics to optimize the process. Via our proprietary APIs, we integrate with government entities, mobile carriers and banking partners to reduce areas of fraud and collection leakage. The digital wallets offered to our government partners integrates into current systems, facilitating access and insight.


Sustainable Development

Domestic revenue mobilization is central to nation building and sustainable development. African Govts pursuing various economic and domestic taxation programs towards self-sustaining development need a technological partner with a tax and revenue collection background to optimize revenue generation. The large spending needs on human development, education, health, and job creation are indeed very expensive for any nation. Going to the capital markets, private finance and aid alone simply cannot sustain any country’s developmental needs.


The Challenge

The current macroeconomic factors such as large agricultural sectors and the large informal sectors found in most African economies makes it hard for Govts to tax thereby falling short of their developmental goals. The absence of proper database and consistent data on revenues and, businesses and people at the municipalities and cities is another barrier to efficient revenue mobilization.  Effective domestic revenue mobilization is important in financing domestic investments, educational, technological, and social programs which are essential for economic growth and for eradicating poverty.


Our Solution

Our approach to domestic revenue mobilization is based on a proprietary revenue system which is equitable, inclusive, gender balanced and accountable. Helping Govts build proper database and access to consistent data on revenues and its people. Javolin’s goal is to assist African Govts optimize domestic revenue generation and effectively mobilize revenue by effectively capturing all areas of taxation and revenue brackets providing Govts the needed revenue and finances to undertake developmental, educational, health, social economic and technological developments for their countries and its people using technology and our expertise in revenue generation.


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